Company Profile

Big Herdsman Machinery Co., LTD was founded in Qingdao,Shandong province in 2005. The corporation engages in researching, designing and manufacturing products for livestock and poultry husbandry. Besides producing and offering feed system, nipple drinking system, ventilation and cooling system and environment control system, it also engages in the project design and construction of modernized farms for broilers, breeders, layers and swine.




Scale of Enterprise

The company invested 20 million dollars in the technique improving project for 3000 sets of automatic breeding equipment. The project covers an area of 3.73 hectares, and the construction covers an area of 4.1 hectares, which mainly consists of researching center, modernized warehouse and new workshop. This serves to add ¥400 million to annual sales and generate ¥30 million additional tax.

The newly built phase Ⅱ project (warehouse and workshop) covers an area of 3.4 hectares, and equipped with 20 sets automatic plastic injection machines and machinery arms, one set of auger processing equipment and one automatic loading platform. These equipments assists in the researching and production for related parts of broiler cage, layer cage, automatic feeding and drinking system, ventilation and cooling system, heating system and environment control system. The automatic production line serves to save labor force and improves more than 60% work efficiency, which at the same time, reduces the related safety issues caused by labor work.


For the past few years, Big Herdsman speeds up the technology development, designs and produces many new products, which helps to the corporation’s leading position in this industry. Presently, Big Herdsman has 24 patents and 5 software copyrights. Its equipments occupies 25% of domestic market and 70% of the market in Shan Dong province.

Sales Coverage

The products sales covers the whole territory of Chinese Market, and receives well comments from various customers. Meanwhile, Big Herdsman also covers a wide range of foreign markets, including more than 40 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, South and North America, Africa and Oceania. The foreign sales amount takes up 31.2% of the total.

The management scale and range of products of Big Herdsman rank the top ones in the domestic breeding industry.

Service Concept

Based on integrity and honesty, Big Herdsman wins trust over professionalism, and develops through innovation. The company takes “customer serving, staff accomplishment and society contribution” as the fundamental target, and regards “assisting others in the breeding industry, reducing costs and reaping maximum profit” as mission. Guided by “people oriented” value system, Big Herdsman never cease to elevate its competitiveness, thus it continues to receive honorable comments from various customers.

Big Herdsman focus on improving managing mechanism and researching capability in the past few years, which helps it reap double harvest in both economic and social profits.

Facing the increasingly fierce competition, Big Herdsman never give up its efforts, it keeps space with the industry development worldwide, always tries its best to become No. 1 enterprise in this field, and wins many honors such as “Qingdao Famous Brand”, “Qingdao High-tech Enterprise” and “Qingdao Technological Center of Enterprises”, which in turn contribute to the corporation’s worldwide reputation.