Company Culture

Insist of being manufacturer specialized in breeding equipments.

Profit oriented, assess performance and inspire motivation by value.

Customer oriented, meet customer requirements with all efforts.

Target oriented, carry out the work as per objectives.

Instant action, fast reaction is the compass of efficient work.


Make the breeding activities simple, reliable, green and efficient by means of science and technology.


We only accept and manufacture qualified products.


Unceasingly improve the company strength and enlarge the company scale.


Equal, reliable and sharing.

Prevail competitors through product (service ).

Corporate Image

Trustworthy corporation and reliable staff.

Clean, tidy and professional.


Never get contented with oneself, keep self-criticizing.

Keep in pace with the most excellent corporations.

Mission& Vision

Provide the customers with the best purchase value.

Inspire the employees’ utmost potential.

Value System

Follow orders from superiors, offer help for subordinate colleagues, value hard-working spirit